GET MORE ... profit out of your daily paint coating applications. Increase your production rate, gain a strong and highly processional paint sprayer that operates hydraulically, lowering maintenance & service cost.  
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GET MORE ... for what you pay!

You need an airless sprayer and you know your how much you are willing to spend, so here comes the next step – what can I get with my budget? Taking into consideration all of the markets prices for airless spraying equipment, GEROMAC has managed to offer you a size up sprayer for the same investment.  

Don’t settle for a weak solution, GET MORE … horsepower, GET MORE … pressure, GET MORE …pumping ability with a GEROMAC professional sprayer. Just because it may cost the same, doesn’t mean that it can do what a GEROMAC sprayer can. Compare the power, compare the material flow, compare the productivity rate and balance all that … with what you want to pay! 

GET MORE ... + 4 klm/hour
GET MORE ... + 1 HP Power
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