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    geromac powerful machinery


    Introducing a strong new brand, full of contractor equipment and cost effective solutions.

    GEROMAC product range consists of powerful hydraulic paint and texture airless sprayers,

    line striping units, pneumatic pumps and airless accessories.

    GEROMAC products serve contractors in the construction, marine, industrial and road marking industries.

    A new airless brand designed and manufactured in Europe, by a strong leader in the industry.

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    GEROMAC offers a professional range of hydraulic and airless paint systems, designed for residential and commercial contractors that want to get the best out of their painting equipment. GEROMAC stands next to its end-users by designing cost effective machinery intended for the tough construction site. Within GEROMAC’s product range you will find hydraulic airless electric paint sprayers from 2.5-4.0 HP, airless gas sprayer powered with Honda GX engines 4.8-5.5 HP, pneumatic pumps and line striping machines with 1 or 2 guns and a complete series of airless accessories to complete your businesses professional equipment.