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    Working with a Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

    Why choose a hydraulically operated airless paint sprayer?

    GEROMAC airless paint and texture sprayers are hydraulically operated, ensuring paint contractors that they are getting a heavy duty unit, ideal for the harsh construction environment.
    Hydraulic airless paint sprayers are available as electric or gas versions. Due to GEROMAC’s upright and compact design, transportation and storage of the sprayer is no longer a problem. Common hydraulic sprayer have a long cart making maneuvering around the job site a difficult task, with GEROMAC airless sprayer design this disadvantage is completely eliminated.

    Comparing a hydraulic airless sprayer to a common electronic airless sprayer the advantages are limitless, some basic advantages of hydraulic airless sprayers are:

    • - Heavy duty equipment
    • - No power fluctuations
    • - No burned or damages expensive electronic controls
    • - Less service due to tough construction
    • - High working pressure resulting to high productivity
    • - Sprays heavy materials such as texture, stucco and mud
    • - Long life operation
    • - Minimum servicing
    • - Easy maintenance

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    GEROMAC offers a professional range of hydraulic and airless paint systems, designed for residential and commercial contractors that want to get the best out of their painting equipment. GEROMAC stands next to its end-users by designing cost effective machinery intended for the tough construction site. Within GEROMAC’s product range you will find hydraulic airless electric paint sprayers from 2.5-4.0 HP, airless gas sprayer powered with Honda GX engines 4.8-5.5 HP, pneumatic pumps and line striping machines with 1 or 2 guns and a complete series of airless accessories to complete your businesses professional equipment.